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Sara Jo Williams has produced a series of video tutorials that cover the basics of managing your videos, making playlists, and linking or embedding your playlist in Blackboard. Just click "Menu" in the player to choose a topic. As always, you can also contact LET Support for questions, feedback, and help using the site.

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What Formats Are Supported?

Can You Help Me Convert My Video or Audio?

Absolutely. The best option for most users will be to take advantage of the CIT's drop-off transcoding services. You can take your video in just about any video format to either CIT WalkIn location and have your content converted to the proper format and uploaded directly into your JMUtube account.

More info on this and all of our A/V services can be found on the CIT website.

Can I Encode The Video Myself?

Encoding video is a bit of a black art, but it is absolutely possible for you to encode your own video. Here are some general tips to help you create web-suitable video (and audio actually).

We can highly recommend the GUI version of Handbrake as a free and excellent tool for encoding your video into a web-suitable format. We've also created some Handbrake presets specifically for JMUtube.

Once you've downloaded and installed Handbrake, download the preset of your choice in .zip format and double-click to expand. Then, in Handbrake, click on Presets->Import to import the resulting .plist preset files. They should now appear in the presets list on the right.

Is JMUtube Secure?

The short answer is no. JMUtube is not secure.

The longer answer requires us to define what we mean by "secure." For the purposes of this discussion I'm going to make a distinction between private and secure.

Private means that the content is reasonably obscured from being found by the general public. It's very similar to having an unlisted phone number. Someone can't just decided they want to call you and look you up by calling 411. You have to give your unlisted number directly to anyone who wants to call you. That being said, it's certainly possible that someone might guess your number (such as an auto-dialer) and anyone who has your number can pass it to someone you'd rather they didn't. This is how JMUtube is designed to work. JMUtube has no browsable interface or search feature that would allow users to easily find videos, so unless you give a user the address of your video, there's no easy way for them to find it. The advantage of this is that it makes it very easy to distribute your video; just give them the address or embed it in a web page and they can see it. But again, it also very easy for that address to be passed to others outside your original group.

Secure (for the purposes of this discussion) would mean that only someone who you've authorized to view the content will be able to view it, end of story. The user would have to log-in and prove who they are in order to view the video, not matter what the context. If the address were passed to another user, it would not allow them to see the content. Of course, this would require that someone (i.e. you) has to maintain a list of who is allowed to view each video and would limit your options for distributing and embedding the video.

So JMUtube is private, but not secure for the time being. We are constantly evaluating the balance between ease of use and security and may choose to make security improvements to JMUtube in the future. Regardless, there are many perils in putting AV content on the web, from copyright to privacy and we want you to be able to make informed decisions about the content you are uploading. If you have questions or comments about JMUtube or any content you're considering uploading, do not hesitate to get in touch.